FIELSVEN Millinery
Artisanal Hatmaker from Porto


With Sven Fiel’s devotion to hats and design, the purpose is to make hats with an authentic and charismatic look, using the best hand-crafted techniques with premium fur felts. FIELSVEN offers Ready to Wear hats and also a Custom/Bespoke service, where you are directly advised by the Designer and engaged throughout the process, which includes materials, accessories and appearance.

RAW Looks ✘ FIELSVEN – photo & video production to showcase the artisanal hat creation process. The outcome is a 200g heavy rabbit fur hat, in hand-painted distressed optics, burned brim, hand stitching details, plus the RAW Looks logo pyrography artwork. A unique artisanal masterpiece – one of its kind.

Cutting the brim

Shaping the crown

Custom Cutouts

Pyrography Artwork

Distressed Handpainting

Production Inquiry

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