Boris Bidjan Saberi
Fashion Photography

Boris Bidjan Saberi – The Fashion Alchemist

Boris Bidjan Saberi is a German-Persian Avant-Garde Streetwear designer, based in Barcelona. BBS combines dual systems such as West/Middle East traditions and form/formless garments with the designer’s passion for numerology, noted for its functional qualities and its wide range of references, including skate culture, street style, hip-hop, and clothing from the Middle East.

Boris Bidjan Saberi is experimenting with fabrics limitlessly resulting in truly original and unique processes, designs, and products such as reversible jackets with symmetric seam taping, carrying straps within jackets and cardigans, outstanding texture finishes on pants and jackets like waxed coatings, and extraordinary dyeing and body molding processes, heavily oiled horse leather jackets or even the production of transparent leather.  All pieces are made with great attention to detail, the use of the most high-end materials, and the intention to craft timeless high-quality pieces that last for years to come. The philosophy of BBS is feeling the garment as a second skin. A Protection that gives you strength. All garments are skillfully crafted going through several levels of experimentation and different handmade processes.

My photographic approach to showcase products from Boris Bidjan Saberi is based on the idea to project all the high-end details of his pieces onto the photographic canvas: structure of fabrics like vegetable-tanned horse-leather, raw contrast stitching, perforated leathers, seam taping designs.

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